• Lynn Moore


Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Feed Your Head. Here are 8 books on the psychonaut's psychedelic exploration and shifting your conscious perception.

Modern Science Meets Psychedelics

In the 60's and 70's psychedelics emerged in the counter-culture mainstream as a portal to 'feed your head' as Jefferson Airplane encourages in their song White Rabbit. Even if you haven't yet explored psychedelics, you can get your head fed through a handful of essential books on the subject.

After waiting out the anti-drug restrictions that locked down and hindered research on psychedelics in the 70's, modern science is now making incredible advances in how these substances can be beneficial to healing trauma, anxiety, and even depression. Albert Hoffman, the Swiss chemist who synthesized LSD called it "medicine for the soul".

With the ongoing evidence based research supporting the benefits of psychedelics, more people are open to it's exploration, slowly washing away the stigma it use to carry. Here are a few places to start, or a some great reads to add to your current psychonaut collection.

The Good Reads

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