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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Throughout the bustle of life, it's good to take a peek at yourself to get to your next step. A 'wheel of life' can help give you some clarity.

Go From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Sometimes we're hustlin', sometimes we're bustlin' and it's easy to lose the big picture when we're right in the middle of it all. We all desire growth and change, but how do we know where we need to make those changes? At times it can be obvious, maybe you're in financial turmoil, or your doctor gave you some bad news, but other times we just plain want more life satisfaction. Sometimes, we want to feel more balanced.

In order to get to any destination, your GPS needs to know where you're starting from. Taking a good, peek at your overall life will help you do so.

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The Wheel of Life is a great way to take a clear, courageous look at each facet of your life. Rate each relative quality level honestly and you'll gain clarity on which areas need more attention than others.

Where are you thriving and what areas need some serious TLC?

What parts of your life have you ignored in order to focus somewhere else?

Just like a wheel that moves a vehicle, if any spoke is shorter than the others, it will throw the whole thing off balance. Identify where you are excelling and where you're prone to ignoring, and you'll uncover that gaps between where you are today and where you want to be.

Let's Dive Deeper

Now that you've taken an eyes wide open look your life, now what? How do you start to create the kind of 'balance' folks keep talking about? How do you evolve from here?

Ok, let's say your career is off the charts, you're killin' it while raking in a bunch of cash. Yet, after taking a look at your wheel you admit to yourself you've been arguing more with your fiancé lately and have been running on croissants to fuel your days, so you tacked on a few pounds. I get it, they're so buttery and flakey.

Unless you have a lot of time and focus to dedicate to making a Tony Robbins style massive action plan on completely revamping an area of your life... start small.

I'm a gung-ho kind of gal so I understand the benefits of going hard and taking massive action when things need to change, yet there are many times when I'm just barely hanging on to keep up with the events going on in my life. If that's your case, or you're a bit intimidated, start with one small feasible change to make in each category you want to enhance.

For your 'Relationship + Intimacy' category, perhaps grab a book on communication, one of my favorites is Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg. (Bonus! Reading and practicing it also fills up your 'Growth + Learning' and 'Self Awareness + Self Reflection' portions of the wheel)

To focus on your 'Health + Wellness' category, figure out why you're reaching for the endless croissants and make a game plan on how to put healthier options in front of you during your busy day. In THIS ARTICLE, I also talk about how to re-wire your brain in 4 steps to help you make these changes. Be sure to scope it out. Our lives are where they are because our habits are making them that way. If you're constantly arguing with your significant other, it's because there is a habit of communication in place that leads to arguments. If you're not as healthy as you would like to be, there are habits that are leading you there.

Our brains are pretty tricky, yet when you gain awareness of what's going on in there, and follow a guided way through the maze, you'll arm yourself with a lifelong invaluable skillset to evolve and create the life you truly desire.

Join me in NEUROPEAK, where I'll help you understand, how to re-wire your brain, and also give you an audio hypnosis series that assists in the re-wiring process in areas of life we all collectively have the most trouble in.

Cheers to YOU Rebel Human!


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